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Virtual (at Valencia)
Spanish & Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy Meeting 2020

November 24th to 27th, 2020

Registration is now open!

Free registration is open for full access to the meeting contents.

Abstract submission is now available!

A small number of contributed talks will be available. Abstract submission is now open for Scientific Commitee review and selection.

Organizing committee

» Manuel Martínez Corral - 3DID Lab/UV
» Genaro Saavedra Tortosa - 3DID Lab/ UV
» César Gil Algora - DOITPlenoptic, S.L.
» Julien Colombelli - ADM Facility/IRB Barcelona
» María Calvo Adamuz - AOM Unit-CCiT/UB

Scientific committee

» Genaro Saavedra Tortosa - 3DID Lab/UV
» Manuel Martínez Corral - 3DID Lab/UV
» Julien Colombelli - ADM Facility/IRB Barcelona
» María Calvo Adamúz - AOM Unit-CCiT/UB
» José F. Pertusa Grau - Faculty of Biology/UV
» Isabel Fariñas Gómez- NB Lab-BIOTECMED/UV
» Paula Sampaio Fonseca - ALM Lab/IBMC
» Pedro Matos Pereira- ITQB /UNL
» Ricardo Henriques - MRC-LMCB/UCL
» Arrate Muñoz Barrutia - BiiG/UC3M
» Jim Swoger - MI Facility/EMBL Barcelona

SPAOM is the congress of

Red Española de Microscopía Óptica Avanzada

Portuguese Platform of BioImaging

Organized by

Universitat de València

DOIT Plenoptic, S.L.

Technical Secretariat

Int Meetings

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